Spiter Announce North American Tour


If it hasn’t become incredibly apparent by now, we’re huge fans of gnarly vampire thrash act Spiter, which features members of Devil Master and Shitfucker. Now, it’s been revealed that Spiter will be bringing their bloodthirsty campaign on the road, as the band have announced a North American tour!

The trek kicks off in September, and while it never gets past Texas, that’s far enough as far as a band this fresh and disgusting are concerned. The shows will most likely feature everything we’ve come to expect from the band — namely blood, perversion, sexual innuendo, and of course, a shitload of jackin’ it for the Count.

To give you an idea of what Spiter are all about, here’s what the band had to say when they took part in our list of vampire metal acts in honor of World Dracula Day:

“Dracula is the infernal and immortal Son of the Dragon. The impaler of all who stands in his way, feasting on their blood in battles glory. Though he has many brides, in his ancient castle, he truly is alone and eternally longs for more, for his lust to possess fresh souls and hearts is unquenchable. Wolves howl and the bats fly high in the moon’s fog, as the dark prince ventures out in the night in search for love, blood, and death.

“Weilding his sword in Satan’s name, carving his path trapped between the realms of mortals and the astral beyond. The true king and master. The Dragon God in whose name we kill and drink the blood of peasants. We are the disciples of the dark lord. Praise Dracula. HAIL SATAN.”

Drink blood for the Devil at one of the following dates:

9/2-Washington DC @arsonists-get-all-the-girlse Runaway.
9/3-Winston-Salem NV @ Monstercade
9/4-Atlanta GA @ Boggs Social & Supply
9/5-Birmingham AL @ Spring Street Firehouse
9/6-New Orleans LA @ The Goat
9/7- Houston TX @ Eighteen Ten Ojeman
9/8 Austin TX @ Lost Well
9/9 Dallas TX @ Cheapsteaks
9/10 Tulsa OK @ Whittier Bar
9/11 Kansas City MO @ 2232
9/12 St Louis MO @ Platypus Bar
9/13 Chicago IL @ Cobra Lounge
9/14 Detroit MI @ Outer Limits Bar
9/15 Toronto ON @ Bovine Sex Club
9/16 Montreal QC @ Turbo Haus
9/17 Allston MA @ O’Briens
9/18 Brooklyn NY @ Saint Vitus

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