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Exclusive Premiere: The Overcoming Project (Fear Factor, Threat Signal), “Determination”


Subgenres are at a weird place in modern metal, and The Overcoming Project are definitely pushing the boundaries of traditional labels. The band describe themselves as ‘psychedelic metal,’ but their sound doesn’t remind one of anything like, say, Roky Erickson. Instead, this outfit, featuring members of Fear Factory and Threat Signal, play emotionally-charged nu-core with an extra sheen of darkness that’ll have fans of acts like Tallah and DevilDriver chomping at the bit. So hey, if this is the face of “psychedelic metal,” get ready for a bad trip.

Apparently, the band’s music:

“…depicts a psychedelic journey through immigration, Doctorate degree, Type I Diabetes and insane burnout into discovering the true purpose and becoming a Metal Producer. Determination, Overcoming, and Victory are more than just heavy songs with killer musicianship. These grow into eternal, psychedelic objects that keep evolving into new dimensions after each listen.”

Exclusive Premiere: The Overcoming Project (Fear Factor, Threat Signal), “Determination”

The video for the band’s latest song, “Determination,” definitely goes a little more psychedelic, but it remains considerably dark. The visuals for this lyric video all seem to touch on broad concepts like identity and losing one’s self, but at the same time do so with murky colors and tons of shadow. It’s not your typical psychedelic journey, but at the same time, if you’re more interested in plumbing the honest depths of your soul than having a good time at Bonnaroo, then maybe this is what you’re looking for.

Says The Overcoming Project’s guitarist/producer/svengali Dr. Mike Trubetskov:

 “’Determination’ is about facing demons in the psychedelic realm, and the desperate price it takes to subdue the inner misery in order to succeed.”

Check out “Determination” below. The Overcoming Project’s Overcoming EP is available for pre-save.

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