Sh*t That Comes Out Today – July 15, 2022


This week’s a little light on the new releases. That said, the ones that hit, hit hard. Check ’em out

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – July 15, 2022


Pain Is Forever and This Is The End (Metal Blade)

The fact that Mantar‘s new album nearly tore the band apart is an unfortunate validation of the concept that good art is born of agony. As brutal as the process of making it might have been, Pain Is Forever is an awesome result, taking the German duo’s sound out of its typical frantic exorcism and into a sure-footed march forward. The record’s classic rock influences are obvious from the get-go; there’s a real good ol’ boy toughness to the band’s outsider filth this time around. This one might not feel as cool and hip as its predecessors, but those of us who’re here for the band’s rib-splitting punch have a goddamn gem on their hands.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – July 15, 2022

Inhuman Condition

Fearsick (Blood Blast Distribution)

You like old-school death metal? Good, because Inhuman Condition make it. What’s that? You want a better definition? Don’t got one. This is old-school death metal. It sounds like the death metal of old. I’m pretty into that, so for me, it’s some rad moshing music. If you don’t like that, well, we don’t know what to tell you.

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – July 15, 2022


Seraphic Punishment (Redefining Darkness)

Oh shit, Fargo’s Maul go hard and weird! On the one hand, there’s a lot of filth and gore to be found on Seraphic Punishment (love a good pinch harmonic, boys, well done). On the other, moments of key-laced atmosphere and trundling rhythm make this a somewhat unpredictable release. Think early Autopsy if they’d gotten a chance to listen to all of the metal that came out since Mental Funeral was released before writing that album. Which is a bizarre idea, but hey, this is a bizarre band. In a good way!

Sh*t That Comes Out Today – July 15, 2022


Hypervirulence Architecture (Profound Lore)

I always forget how punishing Hissing are. For some reason, I see their name and associate it with death-doom, not the spasming, frantic sense of panic and despair that their music actually gets across. And for the record, Hypervirulence Architecture brings a lot of that, creating sonic blizzards of volcanic ash that leave me sitting back in nauseous awe. Not music for a good mood, that’s for sure.

Other Shit That Comes Out Today:

Ashenspire, Hostile Architecture (Aural) Listen
Behold! The Monolith, The Fathomless Deep (Ripple) Listen
Black Capricorn, Cult Of Blood (Majestic Mountain) Listen
Celestial Wizard, Winds Of The Cosmos (Self) Listen
The Ever Living, Artificial Devices (Chromism) Listen
God Is An Astronaut, The Beginning Of The End (Napalm) Listen
Ian Blurton’s Future Now, Second Skin (Seeing Red) Listen
Molder, Engrossed In Decay (Prosthetic) Listen
Sinner, Brotherhood (Atomic Fire) Listen

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