Watch: Nita Strauss Joins Demi Lovato’s Band, Makes Her Live Debut on Kimmel


Last week, it was revealed that virtuosic guitarist Nita Strauss would be leaving Alice Cooper’s band. This, of course, raised two big questions: first, what would Nita’s next gig be, and second, who would be stepping in for Nita in Alice’s band? Yesterday, we got the answer to the latter question when Alice announced that guitarist Kane Roberts has returned to his ranks. And now, we have an answer to the former, as Nita has officially joined the band of pop star Demi Lovato, and performed with them on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night.

The Kimmel performance is Nita’s live debut at her new gig, which was first reported as a rumor by website Metal Sludge. As you’ll see below via a Twitter user named Anna, Nita performed alongside Demi on their new pop-punk track “Substance,” which is the first single off of their upcoming new rock album Holy Fvck, due out next month. In keeping with the tenor of the new gig, Nita has shed her vinyl pants and studded belt, and instead is rocking sort of a pop-punk uniform, namely a work shirt and shorts.

On the one hand, we totally get why Nita would take this gig, and why she toned down her look; in past interviews, she’s made it clear that a big part of her role in Alice’s band was not to upstage or get in the way of the show’s mastermind. What we’re actually confused by is Demi Lovato not wanting Nita at the forefront. Demi, you got Nita fuckin’ Strauss in your band! She’s one of the coolest guitarists in the world! You are obviously the center of attention here, yes, but having an awesome second-in-command guitarist is a cool look! Ozzy has Zakk Wylde, Rob Zombie has John 5 — now you have Nita Strauss! Show everyone!

ANYway, if Demi cared what we thought, we’d be surprised. Check out footage of the performance below, and good luck to Nita on her new role in Demi’s band.

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