Phil Demmel Will Miss Vio-lence Shows, Former Lizzy Borden Guitarist Fills In


On Tuesday, we reported that Vio-lence guitarist Phil Demmel would be filling in for Lamb of God on their upcoming European run, which starts tomorrow, in place of Willie Adler. Today, former Lizzy Borden guitarist Ira Black announced via his Facebook page that he will be playing with Vio-lence on their upcoming European tour, which starts on August 9, and for more upcoming dates including a South American run in September and Europe in the winter.

“The cats out of the bag! I will be filling in for my brotha Phil Demmel in Vio-lence for the upcoming 2022 dates starting at the Brutal Assault Festival on August 9th, Alcatraz Metal Festival on the 13th, the South America run in September and winter European tour! This is going to be a blast and I’m truly honored!

“Vio-lence is a legendary Bay Area thrash band and I’ve known them for many years. I’ve had a great time learning Phil’s parts, rehearsals are going great, these guys are the real deal! I’m looking forward to slaying it for the Vio-lence fans around the world. See you out there!”

Black played on Lizzy Borden’s 2007 album, Appointment with Death. He is a former live member of Dokken and Metal Church.

In March, Demmel gave an interview and said that he would be missing some upcoming Vio-lence shows.

“There’s some Vio-lence stuff coming up that I’m not gonna be able to be a part of because of choices that I’m making in my own career.

“Vio-lence was a side thing that we were doing. It was understood that I’m doing other stuff and that this would happen. They weren’t looking at doing full-blown tours, so trying to schedule stuff, it gets difficult. So there will be things that I won’t be doing with Vio-lence, which is a little heartbreaking in the sense that… I’m the only member of Vio-lence that hasn’t missed a show. So, yeah, there’s a Vio-lence club and there’s been a lot of former members. But I never quit the band. I carried that torch the whole time and hadn’t missed a show.”

We’ll keep you posted on any other career moves Demmel makes. This isn’t the first time he’s filled in for Adler in Lamb of God.

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