Watch: Hardcore Show Tears Up a Sonic Drive-In Restaurant


The parking lot at any given Sonic Drive-In is a shitshow on a good day, so this past weekend at a South Jersey location must have been an absolute nightmare, as a pop-up hardcore show took over its parking lot.

This past Saturday, fans got to tear shit up to some unconventional sets from Gel, Scowl, Exhibition, Chemical Fix and Phantom. As you can see in the clip below, things were hectic as hell, with each band throwing down among the crowd.

At a couple points throughout the show, attendees added impromptu pyrotechnics to the show, because that’s what goes well with mediocre cheesesteaks and tots. Scowl vocalist Kat Moss even nearly became a human corn dog as one firework landed in her hair and nearly Michael Jackson’d her.

This sort of shit isn’t even new to Sonic Drive-Thrus in South Jersey. Back in April, Cycle of Abuse, Schotzi, Harm Assist and Tagabow played at one of these locations. According to the video by Feet First Productions, which you can also check out below, Pabst Blue Ribbon helped cover production costs for that gig — though we can’t confirm that little tidbit of info.

Still, the show looks kick ass as all hell, with videographers from hate5six.com on site to document the entire evening. The clip we have below is just a taste of the evening’s proceedings. You can catch each band’s full set by subscribing to hate5six.com’s Patreon page.

Obviously this all harkens back to that time a hardcore band famously asked “What the fuck is up, Denny’s?!” before absolutely ripping that place apart.

As an acolyte of the Ocean Water and a South Jersey native, it warms my cynical heart to know this sort of shit is happening in my backyard. If I can enjoy a soft serve cone while throwing down in the pit, that’s the dream.

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