Hardcore Show Inside a Denny’s Goes Exactly as You’d Expect

  • Axl Rosenberg

Remember last year when that one band played a show in an abandoned Denny’s? That was funny, but it made sense because the Denny’s was, y’know, abandoned.

But a different, STILL ACTIVE Denny’s — this one in  Santa Ana, CA — recently allowed a 17-year-old first-time booker, currently known to us only as “Bryson,” to put on a show there for the hardcore band Wacko. And that’s funny, but also really dumb, because the booker is 17, and has has never done this before, and most all of because the Denny’s is, y’know, STILL ACTIVE.

And this dumb Denny’s is pissed by all the damage done by the Wacko show, and now are demanding that Bryson pay them $600, even though whoever decided to let Bryson put the show on there is clearly a big stupid idiot. So now there’s a crowdfunding campaign underway to help Bryson put that money together. According to the description that accompanies said crowdfunding campaign, Bryson also “dropped over 400dollars on renting the Denny’s and then also threw down cash to rent a generator to host an after party/show under a bridge by a Costco for all the kids who couldnt get inside the dennys show.” Which sounds made-up but this whole thing sounds made-up and it’s not so yeah. In any case, the point is this 17-year-old is out a thousand bucks, and that stinks.

The good news is, as of this writing, the campaign is already at $810. You can donate to the cause here.

Below, enjoy video from what looks like a really fun show:


[via Lambgoat]

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