Big Bad Insurrectionist Jon Schaffer is Hiding from the Feds


Remember the chaos that took place on Jan. 6, 2021 when around 2,000 crazed Donald Trump supporters cosplayed as American badasses by storming the U.S. Capitol and beating the shit out of law enforcement officers in an effort to overthrow an election? Crazy, right? Well one of those “badasses,” Iced Earth founder and Oathkeeper member Jon Schaffer is running and hiding like a scared little piss baby, according to the Attorney General of the District of Columbia Karl Racine.

He’s one of 31 defendants who are being accused of “conspiring to terrorize” our nation’s capital during the Jan. 6 insurrection. According to a lawsuit filed against the gallop-riffing traitor, authorities have attempted to serve him “at least 25” different times at seven different addresses across three different states.

“The District now believes that Schaffer is hiding from process servers in a mobile home in Auburndale, Florida. Since locating that address, the District has attempted service there at least five times, yet Schaffer refuses to answer the door — thereby preventing effective service absent further relief from the court.”

According to a report in The Republic, Schaffer’s release agreement required that he “notify (the) U.S. Pretrial/Probation Office of any travel outside the State of Indiana.” So if he’s found in Florida, things are going to be extra bad for him.

Authorities hope that if Schaffer and his fellow turncoats are found guilty, that they can be held liable for a massive sum of money spent by the district responding to the crisis. We’re talking police costs, medical bills, the whole shebang.

Let’s also not forget that Schaffer, ever the badass, turned himself in 11 days after the riot and then ratted on his friends as part of a plea deal so he could get his conditional release last April. Through that plea deal, he already said he was guilty of “obstruction of Congress’s official proceedings and trespassing on restricted grounds of the Capitol while armed with a deadly weapon,” which just happened to be bear spray in Schaffer’s case. Part of that plea agreement though was that he had to provide information about the Oathkeepers and what happened that day.

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