Ready for Death Take Us to an Animated “Wasteland of Peace” with New Song


The founding members of Ready for Death—vocalist Artie White (ex-Indecision) and guitarist Dallas Thomas (ex-Pelican)—met at their children’s Taekwondo class. At a playdate, Thomas thumbed through White’s record collection, upon which the two realized they had more in common than they thought.

Thomas and White began writing songs under the name Ready for Death as a way to kill time during the pandemic, but it quickly became apparent that the project had legs and other members would be needed. They brought in Racetraitor guitarist Dan Binaei, along with drummer Shawn “The Beast” Brewer, who played with Binaei in black metal outfit Haggathorn. Bassist Luca Cimarusti (Annihilus) was the last piece of the puzzle and Ready for Death were ready to record. Their debut album, Ready for Death, was intended as a demo until it caught the attention of Translation Loss Records, who insisted it was more than that.

We’ll let you be the judge of such things with the face-ripping third single, “Wasteland of Peace,” which is streaming below alongside an animated video. There’s a strong death metal lean on the track, recalling Leprosy and Spiritual Healing-era Death, plus a ton of ripping thrash and some nasty crossover attitude. Lyrically, “Wasteland of Peace” is a continuation of the dystopian sci-fi concept Ready for Death flesh out throughout the album. As for where specifically in the story we are, Ready for Death were happy to explain:

“Wasteland Of Peace illuminates a moment in the future where humankind’s lust for perpetual war intersects with its platitudes of love and harmony. Our robotic children arrive at the logical conclusion: no more people, no more problems. But like cockroaches, humanity inexplicably refuses to die. Go ahead and mosh to it.”

You heard the man: your future is fucked, your children will be robots and you still won’t die, so mosh about it. Ready for Death are Ready for Death on December 9 via Translation Loss.

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