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Dave Lombardo “Wouldn’t Be Able to Accept” an Offer to Join Kerry King’s New Band


Slayer’s done and over with, but that doesn’t stop people from wondering if some of those guys couldn’t get back together for a new project. With Gary Holt back in Exodus and Kerry King working on his own thing, it’s only natural that legendary drummer and founding member Dave Lombardo would be asked if he’d consider working with his old band mates.

During a recent Q&A via LouderSound featuring fan questions, Lombardo was asked that very question – if he were given the opportunity, would he join King’s new project. Turns out that’s not an unexpected query for the drummer, but the answer is level headed and nuanced, given his extremely busy workload.

“I knew that was coming! I am, right now, working on too many other projects and I wouldn’t be able to accept. New Dead Cross, Mr. Bungle… the pandemic put a lot of stuff on hold, so we need to play some catch-up there. Besides that, he’s got Paul Bostaph, and I don’t think he would have the need to ask me.”

Lombardo not only mentions his commitments with Dead Cross and Mr. Bungle, but the man’s also playing drums for Testament these days, which he oddly left out in his response. The dude’s so busy and heavily sought after that he apparently forgot on of the most important thrash bands not named to the “Big Four.”

Lombardo was also asked whether he’d rejoin Slayer if they were ever to do what every other band’s done following a farewell tour and reunited. Given the fact that he left the band over contractual and financial issues, it only makes sense that his response would once again be tactful and level-headed.

“I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. But, yeah, I’d listen to whatever it is they had to say. That’s it, you can’t go any further than that.”

I think we’ve all got to let old bands lie when they want to. Slayer was an indomitable force, especially with Lombardo behind the kit – no disrespect to Paul Bostaph or Jon Dette – but their time is over. Let’s just sit back and appreciate all the crazy shit Lombardo gets to do now that he’s in two Mike Patton projects and a part of Testament.

You can check out the other questions he was asked by fans, including how he rejoined Testament, what kind of music he’s been listening to lately, and his top five punk albums of all time by reading the entire Q&A over at LouderSound.

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