Gunship Teams Up with Power Glove to Release “Ghost,” Drops AI-Generated Video


You may be wondering what the hell this “beep boop” music is doing on a metal site, but hear me out. For years now, certain corners of the synthwave universe have skewed to the heavier side of things. Artists like Perturbator frequently feature pentagrams and satanic imagery, while Carpenter Brut delivers a consistently heavy slate of tracks.

Earlier this week, Gunship released their latest single titled “Ghost,” featuring Power Glove. Known for their cyberpunk, retro-futuristic sound and thumping rhythms, Gunship’s U.K. trio deliver with this latest track.

“”Jack in console cowboy and download this slice of auditory bioware before you get zeroed out by some dorphed out corpo deck head…”

In an effort to promote the new single, the band utilized OpenAI’s DALL-E open source software to create a music video entirely comprised of computer generated imagery. The question behind the music video was “what happens after we die?” And as you can tell from the featured image above, shit gets fucking real. It may not be “metal” in the traditionally musical sense, but “Ghost” is metal where it counts.

So be sure to scroll down and hit play. You may find something new to jam to.

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