Classic Thrashers Sadus Sign to Nuclear Blast


Classic thrashers, get stoked. Last week, it was officially announced that Sadus of thrash metal fame and 80’s veteran notoriety have become part of the Nuclear Blast Records roster.

The band is fronted by vocalist and guitarist Darren Travis alongside drummer Jon Allen, and known for their heavy riffs and shredding bass lines, considered well ahead of their time in crafting the modern metal sound. In terms of releasing albums, the band has been dormant for 16 years, but plan to unveil a new album in 2023. The record will release via Nuclear Blast, and they look forward to a future relationship with the label.

Commenting on the signing, Nuclear Blast’s A&R rep Monte Conner states:

“I am thrilled to be reunited with Darren Travis and the mighty Sadus. Signing a band I have worked with in the past is never a given. Quite the opposite, in fact. I need to be blown away, and let me tell you, this new Sadus material is some of the best work I have ever heard from the band. It is the Sadus you know and love, with the same elements that made them unique in the past, but now with even stronger, more focused songs, and with crushingly heavy modern production!” 

To celebrate the new signing, Sadus have dropped a new single, “It’s The Sickness,” the first to drop from their impending record. Check it out here:

Says Sadus’ Darren Travis, about the new track:

“As Joe Perry from Aerosmith says… ‘Let the music do the talking!!!’” 

Sadus originally rose to underground fame in the Bay Area’s infamous 80’s thrash scene. Their first record, Illusions, was released in 1988, and the band was initially signed to Roadrunner Records where Monte Connor of Nuclear Blast was working at the time. This lead to a thorough career of releases over the next few years.

Next up, they released the album Swallowed in Black, out in 1990, then A Vision of Misery in 1992, Elements of Anger in 1997, and Out for Blood in 2006. Throughout their career, they have toured with bands such as Morbid Angel, Sepultura, and Obituary.

Now, almost four decades later and years since their last record, they are back with new music, a new album, a new signing, and more updates and exclusive drops to come. Stay tuned in the new year.

Stream the new track here.

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