Previously Unreleased Motörhead Song Unveiled Ahead of Bad Magic: Seriously Bad Magic


The day we lost Lemmy Kilmister back in 2015, the rock and metal worlds were dealt a massive blow. There will never be another person quite like Lemmy. Naturally, Motörhead were forced to call it quits with their iconic frontman gone, resulting in the world having to rely on the music we’d been given over the decades.

Well as it turns out, we’re still getting new Motörhead music, thanks to previously unreleased work that’s just been sitting there. Earlier today, the godfathers of heavy metal once again roared with the release of “Bullet In Your Brain.” The track is a massive middle finger in the air. It’s a full pack of cigarettes. It’s an ice cold Jack and Coke. It’s categorically Motörhead and you can check it out below.

The song was released to promote the upcoming re-release of the band’s 23rd and final album, Bad Magic. This new version, dubbed Bad Magic: Seriously Bad Magic includes two previously unreleased tracks: “Bullet In Your Brain” and “Greedy Bastards.”

In addition to those two songs, this re-release will include a live performance from the band’s subsequent tour at the giant Mt Fuji Festival in Japan in 2015, an audio interview with Lemmy conducted by Motörhead expert Robert Kiewik during the tour, and a MURDER ONE ouija board. 

Bad Magic: Seriously Bad Magic will release on February 24, 2023, but is currently available for pre-order today.

Motörhead, Bad Magic: SERIOUSLY BAD MAGIC

1. Victory Or Die

2. Thunder & Lightning

3. Fire Storm Hotel

4. Shoot Out All of Your Lights

5. The Devil

6. Electricity

7. Evil Eye

8. Teach Them How To Bleed

9. Till The End

10. Tell Me Who To Kill

11. Choking On Your Screams

12. When The Sky Comes Looking For You

13. Sympathy For The Devil

14. Heroes

15. Bullet In Your Brain

16. Greedy Bastards

Live at Mt Fuji Rock Festival 2015 – Sayonara Folks! Track List:

1. We Are Motörhead

2. Damage Case

3. Stay Clean

4. Metropolis

5. Over the Top

6. String Theory

7. The Chase is Better Than the Catch

8. Rock It

9. Lost Woman Blues

10. Doctor Rock

11. Just ‘Cos You Got the Power

12. Going to Brazil

13. Ace of Spades

14. Overkill

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