Bizarrekult Are Trapped in the Middle of the Storm on “Midt I Stormen”


Siberian-by-way-of-Norway one-man black metal band Bizarrekult have a captivating approach to black metal, maintaining the icy Scandinavian atmospheres expected of a traditional Norwegian black metal band along with hypnotic clean vocals and a progressive approach to songwriting, as shown on their new song “Midt I Stormen.”

The mid-paced track has a very post-metal feel to it, moving in peaks and valleys and using choir-like sung female vocals to set the tone. Creative mastermind Roman V explains it:

“Midt I Stormen” (“In the middle of the storm”) is a desperate hymn of a loss. As we age, we lose our dear ones. Sometimes, these messages are like a lightning that hits the only tall tree standing in an open field. And there we are, burned and broken, on the ruins of our memories.”

“Midt I Stormen” is a cut from Bizarrekvlt’s upcoming debut album, Den Tapte Krigen (“The Lost War” in English), set for release next month via Season of Mist. If you’re a fan of other European post-/progressive black metal bands like Ellende and Der Weg Einer Freiheit, you’ll dig what Bizarrekvlt are putting down on the song, which you can check out below.

1. Du Lovet Meg (You promised me) [05:11]
2. Kongen (The King) [04:23]
3. Den Tapte Krigen (The Lost War) [04:40]
4. Hvis Jeg Bare Kunne… (If I Could Only…) [06:42]
5. Midt I Stormen (In the Middle of the Storm) [05:12]
6. Kjære Barn (Dear Child) [05:28]
7. Løslatt (Released/Set Free) [04:12]
8. Himmelen er Utilgjengelig (Heaven is not Available) [06:39]

Bizarrekult Are Trapped in the Middle of the Storm on “Midt I Stormen”
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