Listen to “Crimson Tears,” A New Song from Dave Lombardo’s Venamoris


We reported earlier this month on Dave Lombardo’s new band Venamoris, which features him and his wife Paula. Their debut album is called Drown in Emotion and it’s out on February 10, featuring a bunch of session musicians who’ve been involved in everything from Jerry Cantrell, Korn and Suicidal Tendencies to Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas.

When the band was announced, Lombardo said this about their formation:

“Several months after meeting Paula in 2010, she hesitantly shared with me her past decade-long career as the lead backup singer for Wayne Newton. She later played me some of the demos she recorded throughout the years, and I was floored by her sonically soothing, rich tone and natural, instinctive ability to harmonize. I was determined to persuade her to return to her creative self. It’s been a deeply gratifying journey witnessing this music come to life.”

They already shared the song “The Gift” and today Venamoris have shared “Crimson Tears,” the fourth track of twelve on Drown in Emotion. It’s another stripped-down song that features Paula on the piano and vocals and Lombardo on percussion.

Drown in Emotion Tracklist:

01. Let Me Be
02. We Fall
03. This Is Me
04. Crimson Tears
05. Misguided
06. Drowning Emotion
07. I Love It
08. In My Silence
09. It’s Gone
10. Tell Me How You Know
11. Oceans
12. So Good

From the official press release:

“Canadian born singer/songwriter Paula Lombardo, who performs vocals and piano for this project, bursts with vulnerability and intimacy, addressing a broad scope of emotion: anger, healing, pain, hope. It’s evident that Venamoris was founded out of love, passion, communication, respect, and trust. One person thriving in music encouraged the other, who had abandoned music to find their way back. It is the result of many late nights with too much wine, and even more truth laid bare: an aural couple’s journaling generously shared with the world.”

Listen to “Crimson Tears,” A New Song from Dave Lombardo’s Venamoris
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