Nik Nocturnal Pokes Fun at the Modern Metal Scene and We Feel Attacked


You know, you didn’t have to come after us like this, Nik Nocturnal. You were fine when you made fun of prog metal for four minutes. We let you get away with jabbing metalcore for three minutes. Hell, we even laughed along with you when you and Jared Dines fucked with djent for five minutes.

But your latest video taking the piss out of the modern metal scene is a bridge too far. Your jokes about liking Spiritbox until they got too big was kinda on point. Will Ramos’ vocals not being human is 100% accurate. Ticketmaster overpricing tickets… All the talk about backing tracks and AI album art? **shudder**

Metal over the last few years has been full of all the ridiculous/silly/weird tropes that this YouTuber/musician points out in his parody video. And honestly, that’s why it’s so effective and funny. Not gonna lie — when My Chemical Romance and Blink-182 tried to tap into the nostalgia centers in our brains, there were tons of metal heads who freaked out just as much as the twee little scene kiddies, so… yet another bullseye for Nik Nocturnal.

So yeah. You’re officially on the list, my guy. Try not calling us metalheads out so hard next time. After all, I hear deathcore is big and in need of being taken down a peg or two.

If you want to check out the video, hit play below and be sure to like/subscribe/hit the bell and all that shit. In all reality, Nik Nocturnal puts out some fun shit over on his channel and he plays a killer guitar.

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