Vince Neil Still Sounds Bad, Steve-O Tries to Save Bam, and More Top Stories of the Week


A lotta shit happened this past week. So much that it’s hard to even put it all into a single sentence, really. Ozzy retired from touring due to his ongoing health issues and that wasn’t even our top story. That shit’s just wild.

Still, it turns out you gremlins love watching Vince Neil just be terrible on stage and you care about Steve-O’s continued attempts to save Bam Margera from an inevitable overdone death. So it seems like your better and worse natures came out this week. Other major stories include a YouTuber poking fun at us metalheads, Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares continuing to talk about the new singer without actually saying much about the new singer, and a walk down memory lane to learn a how Borat and Tommy Lee caused Kid Rock and Pam Anderson’s marriage to fall apart.

Seriously, it’s all here. Well, not just in this post because we only share the top 10 posts of the week on something like this — but all of our stories this week can be found on MetalSucks, so once you’re done checking out our top stories of the week, be sure to scroll around and read the other posts. You don’t want to be left in the dark, after all.

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