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YouTuber Makes the Point That Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” Sounds Way Better as a Slayer Song


As a New Jersey native, there are few things I hate more about my state than the fact that we have the dubious distinction of being where Jon Bon Jovi is from. He sucks and for many outsiders, he’s a defining characteristic of The Garden State. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve heard “Livin’ On A Prayer” on the radio or being covered by some shitty band at a bar.

So you’d imagine my surprise when a version of that cursed song that actually kinda kicks ass came up on YouTube. I mean, it’s in the style of Slayer so that’s kinda cheating, but when you’re going to enjoy it when you hear this version. YouTube user Moonic Productions posted a video the other day of his version of “Livin’ On A Prayer” in the style of the classic thrash band.

And what we got was a banger of a track created by Finnish music producer and musician Otu. Seriously, this dude plays everything on the track and if you close your eyes, you can imagine it’s actually Tom Araya belting out the song’s lyrics about working class struggles.

This isn’t the only mashup he’s done, either. Just five days ago, he posted a video of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” done in the style of Electric Wizard. Yes, it’s as fucking awesome as that sounds.

He only posted a couple minutes of the song on his YouTube page, opting to make the full thing available on his Patreon.

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