Entheos and Hardcore Fans Didn’t Mix in Their ‘Worst Show Ever’


Starting out as a progressive death metal band can be a daunting task, but in the case of Entheos, it can be made even harder when you’re thrust onto a hardcore festival stage. In what may be one of the most mismatched shows for the band to date, vocalist Chaney Crabb and drummer Navene Koperweis sat down with us to take a trip down memory lane and remember their “worst show ever.”

As you’ll learn in the video, this particularly cringe-worthy set happened pretty early on in the band’s career out in Sacramento, California. And naturally, Koperweis says it was all because of a skittish promoter.

“We has a show in Sacramento, but the promoter was worried nobody was going to come because there was this other hardcore fest going on, so they were just like ‘alright, let’s just throw Entheos onto this hardcore fest’…but Enthos and hardcore shows probably don’t fit.”

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Entheos’ latest studio effort, Time Will Take Us All will be released this Friday, March 3 via Metal Blade Records. You can still preorder the album today.

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