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Enforced’s Latest Single “Starve” is an Apocalyptic Thrash Metal Banger


In roughly one month, Enforced‘s third full-length studio effort War Remains will be released onto the world, expelling its toxic cloud of crossover thrash metal in the process. Not content to wait until then, the band posted the album’s third single “Starve” today, giving listeners a taste of the mayhem to come.

Just as the last two singles “Ultra-Violence” and “Hanged By My Hand” showed, Enforced aren’t fucking around. Speaking on the themes found within “Starve,” vocalist Knox Colby points to the eventual end game of late stage capitalism as a source of inspiration.

“Ultimately, ‘Starve’ is about being forced to produce when there’s no resources to do so, you then become the resource that’s produced/harvested. If I’m profitless, then I’m expendable, chaff; but even then I could’ve still given my life.

“So the song sketches out the final moments of someone who has given everything they have left to give, and it’s still not enough. They starve themselves to death and watch the world they’ve given everything to save still fall to shit. They give up and go crazy in the end. Their fruitfulness is deemed fruitless; leaving this world in agony; howling to rebel but not the desire to do so. Starved.”

Such a happy little number, don’tcha think?

War Remains will be released on April 28, via Century Media Records. In addition to a standard CD version, War Remains is currently available on pre-order in a number of formats, including black vinyl, a special blue vinyl available from USA retail (500 copies) and CM Distro Wholesale EU and CMdistro.de (300 copies), white vinyl available from EMP (150 copies) and Nuclear Blast (150 copies), red vinyl available from Enforced (limited to 300 copies), and as a digital album.

War Remains track-listing:

1. Aggressive Menace
2. The Quickening
3. Hanged by My Hand
4. Avarice
5. War Remains
6. Mercy Killing Fields
7. Nation of Fear
8. Ultra-Violence
9. Starve
10. Empire

Enforced Promise ‘No-Frills Thrash’ with New Album War Remains and its First Single “Ultra-Violence”
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