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Power Trip’s Big Announcement Turned Out to Be a Live Album Re-release


Hope you weren’t getting your hopes up for new music or something equally mind blowing from Power Trip after yesterday’s teaser. As it turns out, all the band was hinting at was Live In Seattle, a live album that the band originally put out back in June 2020. For the first time since its release, however, the album’s going to be available on vinyl, CD, and digital platforms.

Live In Seattle was recorded at Neumos on May 28, 2018 and features a 43-minute setlist with bangers from the band’s Nightmare Logic and Manifest Decimation. Tracks like “Firing Squad,” “Conditioned to Death,” and of course, “Executioner’s Tax [Swing of the Axe]” are all there. At face value, this sounds like an absolutely killer show and it’s a great way to experience Power Trip “live” now that Riley Gale’s no longer with us.

It’s a good thing then that we’ve got Fugitive to kind of carry the mantle left behind by Power Trip. And while their EP Maniac is a great listen, we’re still holding out hope for new Power Trip in the future. It’s already been hinted at by guitarist Blake Ibanez in the past that the band will continue in some capacity, we just don’t know how and when.

Given the fact that this live album fulfills the band’s commitment to Southern Lord Records, this effectively means the surviving members of Power Trip are now free agents able to do whatever they want.

Power Trip’s Live in Seattle, 2018 will be available on June 23 via Southern Lord Records, but you can pre-order your digital copy today.

Live In Seattle, track listing:

  1. Drown (Intro)
  2. Divine Apprehension
  3. Suffer No Fool
  4. Soul Sacrifice
  5. Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)
  6. Crucifixation
  7. Heretic’s Fork
  8. Conditioned to Death
  9. Firing Squad
  10. Manifest Decimation
  11. Crossbreaker
Power Trip’s Big Announcement Turned Out to Be a Live Album Re-release
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