Satanic Tea Co. Drop Crushing Anti-Religion Banger “Septic Savior”


Sometimes, all you need to get a point across is a little more than two minutes of brutality. At least that’s the case for Satanic Tea Co. and the first single off their upcoming EP A Celestial Beating, “Septic Savior.”

Though you may already known them for their deliciously devilish tea brand with flavors like Antichrist Pumpkin Spiced Chai and Blood Drenched Torture Chamber, it may be easy to write off whatever musical projects Satanic Tea Co. may have in the works, but you do so at your own peril.

Seriously, the track below is a legitimate skullcrusher. From the moment you hit play, “Septic Savior” just runs you over with the fury of a semi truck without brakes. Satanic Tea Co. founder Crucifix said the new track was a huge middle finger to the world’s religious grifters.

“I’m brimming with pleasure to release the first song off our upcoming EP A Celestial Beating. ‘Septic Savior’ is a simple two minute and 16 second death grind ‘fuck you’ to anyone who uses religion as their vehicle of hate and as an excuse to perform atrocities towards marginalized peoples. All suffering will be theirs.”

If this track is indicative of what’s brewing on the rest of A Celestial Beating, Crucifix may want to lock the rest away in a vault and never release it. Seriously, I was a little tired a moment ago and after hearing “Septic Savior,” I was hyper focused and alert. This might cut into their tea sales if they’re not careful.

A Celestial Beating will be released on September 27. And while you can’t preorder the EP just yet, you can always check out their clothing line and tea brand over at the Satanic Tea Co. website.

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