Motörhead’s Cover of “Enter Sandman” Gets Its Own Music Video


It’s no secret that the guys in Motörhead were good friends and fans of Metallica, and vice versa. The latter band covered multiple songs of the other’s on their huge compilation of cover tracks and whatnot back in the 90s, while the other had Lemmy Fucking Kilmister.

Well, as many fans know already, Motörhead once covered Metallica’s biggest song of all time, “Enter Sandman.” Yes, it’s their most overplayed song and yes, you’ve heard it a billion zillion times, but hear me out: Motörhead know how to cover a tune and this one is no different. Everything about this cover sounds great, from Lemmy’s grit-filled voice to the thundering music behind him, it’s a great cover through and through.

The story behind this cover, it turns out, was that the band recorded their version of the classic Metallica track for an ECW wrestling compilation CD from all the way back in 1998, which I imagine was done in honor of the hardcore wrestling legend, Sandman. It hadn’t been released in any other fashion until now.

While the track is now available on all music streaming platforms, there’s a special, limited edition 7″ vinyl release available exclusively on the band’s online merch store that features the cover track, as well as a B-side. The band is also selling special “Enter Sandman” merch to celebrate the recent release. Stock is limited for the time being, so if you want to get your hands on this, you’re gonna have to pick one up yourself from Motörhead’s online store.

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