Ulrich Brothers’ Band Taipei Houston Drop New Video


It’s well-known at this point that Myles and Layne Ulrich, the sons of Lars Ulrich, have a band, Taipei Houston, and they rip. Now they’ve dropped a new tour video for the song “Frequency.”

The song is from the band’s debut album, Once Bit Never Bored, released last year in November via C3 Records.

The band say about the record:

“To us, Taipei Houston is about going against the grain in every aspect. We live in a time that is ripe with extremely difficult and confusing challenges. Technology grips the world more and more; politics have become so polarized; we are heading towards climate disaster. This music is born and bred out of the contemporary, buzzing digital anxiety we all experience and how we can try to escape those feelings—even for a second.”

Myles adds:

“We wrote the majority of an album which we’ve now finished. And we’re kind of figuring out how to play it all live because we just recorded all of it. And because we both play so much guitar and all the instruments, it was, like, ‘Why don’t we just scale it back and make it a crazy two-piece thing instead of trying to find more people that you jell with and that the vibe is right? Why don’t we just keep it simple and weird?’

Layne says:

“‘Cause also that way we can hit the ground running. You’ve gotta find people you like you’ve gotta get them into the stuff; you’ve gotta teach them it. That way, literally, just coming straight from us having written all of it together, we can just hit the ground running like that.”

Following the success of their first album, we’re excited to see what the band do next.

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