Ozzy Is Bored by Modern Metal: “It’s All F*cking Rehashed”


Legends collided when Metal Hammer let Tenacious D interview Ozzy Osbourne, with the trio talking about a variety of topics that went as far back as Ozzy’s introduction to music, first concert and more. Early in the interview, Jack Black tells Ozzy that many people consider Black Sabbath to be the inventors of heavy metal. Ozzy’s response is less than enthusiastic when thinking about the bands who followed Black Sabbath.

“It’s a nice thought, but we were very influenced by The Who, Led Zeppelin, Kinks… Fuckin’ hell, when I heard The Kinks’ ‘You Really Got Me,’ I bought the single and I played it to fucking death. I couldn’t stop listening to it. I don’t get that anymore with music that I hear. I don’t listen to much modern music. There’s no new music at all – it’s all fucking rehashed.”

Ozzy is almost 75 years old, so it’s hardly surprising that he prefers old favorites. He also recounted some of his memories from the early days of Black Sabbath, praising Tony Iommi for his guitar playing.

“If people wanna believe that, it’s great, but I don’t go around like, ‘Oh, I’m the singer in Black Sabbath, I invented this or that…’ With Black Sabbath, it was a great camp to be in. Tony Iommi was the law. He was the guy. I’ve never yet met a guitar player that can play such demonic riffs.

“When we first started, the only place you could get a rehearsal spot was this place where we had to go at nine o’clock in the morning. The rehearsal spot was across from a movie theatre and Tony or Geezer said one morning, ‘Isn’t it strange that people pay money to see horror films. Why don’t we start doing horror music?’ I thought they were joking and then Tony goes, [Ozzy intones the riff to the song Black Sabbath]. I was like, ‘Fuckin’ hell!’”

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