Enlarge Daniel „Dee“ Snider from Twisted Sister at the See-Rock Festival 2014

A Twisted Sister Reunion Probably Won’t Happen, Says Dee Snider


If you were holding out hope for a full-on Twisted Sister reunion with tour dates and the like, you can let it go. In a new interview, singer Dee Snider said that while a few one-off charity events haven’t been ruled out, the touring part of his life is definitely over.

“Well, I’m a man of my word, and I said that we were retiring in 2016. And that’s it. People reacted very positively when I said I could see Twisted getting together for a charity event for a few songs. We got together for the Heavy Metal Hall Of Fame induction [in January]. I can see something like that. We’re all friends, and it’s fun. But going out, hitting the road…

“I was offered a role… They’re doing a new Broadway production of ‘Peter Pan’, and they want me to play Captain Hook. And they wanted me to go out on tour for two years, playing Captain Hook, and then bring it to Broadway. And I was going, ‘I am flattered. I would be an amazing Captain Hook, now that I think about it. But at the same time, that part of my life is done. That living out of a suitcase — I’m done.’”

Last week, Snider was in the news after his appearance at San Francisco Gay Pride Parade was canceled because of comments made surrounding childhood gender issues.

“They tried to cancel me because I didn’t see one hundred percent eye-to-eye with the community that wanted me to be the grand marshal of their parade, with the community that I’ve stood with and fought for for decades.

“As a parent, I disagreed with children’s ability to make cognizant decisions at the age of five, six and seven. I have four children, and I soon will have — any minute, by the way — my fifth grandchild, and in my learned opinion, they are not capable. And they were, like, ‘canceled’ — not just the show, but they went after me and called me transphobic.”

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