Corey Taylor Promises to Lay the Smack Down on WWE’s Randy Orton


One of metal’s most outspoken figures, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor may finally have bitten off more than he could chew. While standing around either before or after a show and with his mask slung over his shoulder, the Iowa-born firebrand cut a vicious promo on Instagram calling out 14-time WWE Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton.

Orton, who’s been sidelined due to injury for a while now, is rumored to make his return to the ring very soon. With that in mind, it seems Taylor felt like Orton was coming after his “belt” (aka his mask) and issued a challenge.

“That’s right. I got something to tell you, Randy Orton! Do you think you’re going to come and get this belt from me? You got another thing coming! Come this time tomorrow — MSG, Madison Square Garden. We ’bout to get down, motherfucker! Yeah!”

While we know this was a joke, let’s think this through for a second. Randy Orton is 43-years-old, stands at 6’5″, and weighs 250 pounds. Taylor, on the other hand, is 49-years-old and from what we can gather online, stands approximately 5’7″ and weighs somewhere in the 150 pounds range. Needless to say, if those measurements are accurate, Orton would likely squash Slipknot’s #8 with an “RKO outta nowhere.”

Actually, this begs the question: who in metal would make a great wrestler? Obviously there are some that already blur that line (Andy “The Butcher” Williams, Brody King, Chris Jericho, etc.) but who else do you think would look great flyin’ off the top rope or manhandling their opponent in the squared circle?

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