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Staind to Add Electronic Parts to New Album In Bid to Somehow Make Their Music Even Worse


Butt rock “legends” Staind have found time to release new music, an almost-impressive feat considering how much time Aaron Lewis wastes attacking LGBTQ individuals or getting so drunk that he forgets which songs he’s already played. Their new album, Confessions of the Fallen, is due out sometime in September and, based on a new interview with guitarist Mike Mushok, it will be worse than you already expected (transcribed by Blabbermouth).

“Listen, there’s a couple of songs that kind of go to, I think, what we’re actually really known for — that ‘It’s Been Awhile’, ‘Outside’ type of thing. But a lot of it has the heavy [edge to it]. And there’s something — there’s an electronic element that there wasn’t in any of our stuff before; it’s in this. There’s a couple of songs that have a little bit more [of it than others]. And that was something that Aaron spoke of for a long time, that he wanted to do. And I really think that Erik, the producer, was really helpful in bringing that element to what we do. ‘Cause I remember, in our preliminary talks of it, I was, like, ‘I don’t know how to write a record like that, ’cause that’s not what I do.’ And it was something as simple as taking a guitar riff that I wrote and playing it on a synthesizer or breaking it up and making some cool sounds out of it.”

Lewis famously struggles to catch up with the times, so it’s understandable that he thinks rock bands using electronic sounds in their songs is still novel and fun. We’ve only heard first single “Lowest In Me,” which does not use electronics, so far, but it’s probably safe to assume that the elements Mushok refers to won’t be tasteful ambient soundscapes meant to enhance the mood.

If you haven’t thought about Staind since the last time you heard “It’s Been Awhile” on the radio, you can read all about Lewis’ opinions on transgender women, Vladimir Putin, Bruce Springsteen and LGBTQ kids. We also put together a timeline on his unique takes on patriotism.

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