Staind’s Aaron Lewis Thinks Trans Women “Cut [Their] F***ing Penis In Half and F***ing Scrape All the Seeds Out Like a Cucumber”


We were unsurprised to learn that Aaron Lewis went on another unhinged rant during one of his recent shows. The Staind frontman and Putin sympathizer doesn’t have much in the ways of good music — he’s known for drunkenly playing the same song twice — so his blithering conservative commentary is pretty much the star of his live gigs these days. But during one of his recent ramblings in which he basically cast himself as Jason Bourne, Lewis revealed what he thinks goes into transitioning from male to female — and it’s a pretty good indicator of what a goddamn idiot he is.

During a July 23rd gig at Dr Pepper Park At The Bridges in Roanoke, Virginia, Lewis spewed a bunch of his typical bullshit — asserting that we need to ‘take back’ our country from tyrants, claiming that our government is teaming up with China to poison us with fentanyl, reminding us that he’s only read the first three words of the Constitution, all that jazz. Then, he goes on a whole ‘I disagree with them but will defend their right to say it‘ martyrdom tip, and here’s where the gross transphobia shows up (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“Start paying very close attention to what the fuck is going on. ‘Cause, unfortunately, the reason why I get myself in trouble every time I step out on this stage if because I know what the fuck is going on. And I’m not gonna shut the fuck up until everybody else knows what the fuck is going on too. Because here’s the difference: I sit up here right now and I run my mouth for everybody. Even the fucking idiots that choose to spout all their anti-America, anti-family, anti-everything bullshit. Because you know what? As much as I don’t wanna hear it, they’re free to say it. But I’ll tell you what right now — freedom goes in all directions. Which means that you’re free to be an asshole. You’re free to be completely deranged and off in your own fucking universe. You’re free to be a man and slice your fucking penis in half and fucking scrape all the seeds out like a cucumber and fold it all back up inside you. You know what? You’re still a man that’s just fucking self-mutilated himself. You can do all that, and I will stand up for you, because I believe in your freedom to be able to do that even though I don’t agree with you at all.

“That’s the difference. They wanna shut us up and shut us down. And I wanna fight for the same fucking freedoms that they love. The ability to be able to say shit like that and not have the government show up at your door the next fucking day.”

A couple of thoughts:

  1. Aaron Lewis has never been shut down by anyone. The dude continues to play shows. His band just toured with Korn. All of this victimization is theater.
  2. Aaron Lewis doesn’t know how to eat a cucumber. Who scrapes the seeds out of a cucumber? You just cut a cucumber up and eat it. Dude, you’ve been ruining your cucumbers. No wonder you look so unhealthy.
  3. Aaron Lewis thinks he’s way more crucial to the cause than he is. The most pitiful part of this is Lewis’ claim that the government is going to show up at his house and drag him away for repeating a bunch of tired Donald Trump buzzwords. The dude really thinks his podunk bullshit theories are THAT important.

Anyway, just a reminder that Staind’s frontman is a gross transphobe, and to tour with that band is to support him and insult your trans fans.

Check out footage of Aaron’s insane bullshit below:

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