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Calligram’s Ardo Cotones’ Offers a Crash Course in the Brazilian Punk and Metal Scene


We at MetalSucks love us some international music acts. Any chance we get to highlight bands from other parts of the world, we take every time. So when we had the opportunity to have Calligram drummer Ardo Cotones share some of the best Brazilian bands in that country’s punk and metal scene, we jumped at the chance.

We’d like to thank Ardo for taking the time to compile this list. So without belaboring the subject, here’s the 10 Brazilian punk and metal bands you should hear right away.


Surra are a heavily political crossover band, fast as fuck and mad riffage. They’re a three piece and guitarist/vocalist Léo Mesquita delivers extremely quickfire lyrics whilst playing these insane riffs. Their energy live is incredible! My favourite album of theirs is 2021’s “Ninho de Rato” as the riffs are darker than usual and out of 12 songs, only one is over a minute long.

Sangue de Bode

Sangue de Bode are from a small town in Rio de Janeiro, these guys are the only band from there that plays extreme music and they arrived to disturb the peace with their chaotic black metal and personal lyrics. They don’t follow any sort of black metal rulebook and add a lot of Brazilian metal and punk influence to their sound.

I’d recommend starting with their 2021 album, “Seja Bem Vindo De Volta Pra Cruz,” and watch their insane videos.


Brazilian grind overlords Facada never let their guard down, you’ll be met with sheer brutality every time you press play. From the Northeast of Brazil, a region with a very strong heavy music scene, and six albums into their career, this three-piece creates a huge wall of sound in unrelenting speed that has put them among the best ever grindcore acts from Brazil. My favourite release of theirs is 2017, “Nadir.”


Born in the concrete jungle São Paulo in 2016, Vazio has gained instant recognition in the Brazilian scene and are, in my opinion, the best Brazilian black metal band of the last decade. Described as “fuel for rebellion” by vocalist Renato Gimenez, their raw and atmospheric album, “Eterno Aeon Obscuro,” was featured in many 2020 year-end lists.


Staples of modern Brazilian underground music. If you’re listening to Brazilian heavy music and don’t know Desalmado, you’re doing it wrong! The band started as a grindcore project and has since incorporated elements of death metal and post-metal into their sound resulting in their latest album, “Mass Mental Devolution” (2021), which is an essential listen.


This duo from São Paulo is incredibly fearless when it comes to DIY and experimentation. They are known for turning up outside major gigs in their old VW van, pulling power from wherever they can find nearby and playing to the audience queuing outside the venue. That’s not the only special thing about this band, their third full length, 2019’s “O Jogo humano” was written with no structures in mind so that you can play any of the 54 tracks in any order you like and write your own grindcore album. Their music is based on grindcore but calling it a grind band would be massive pigeon-holing. They are breaking barriers in heavy music whether anyone likes it or not. I’m here for it every fuckin’ day.


Formed by seasoned musicians in the heavy music scene and here to smash the patriarchy once and for all, their message is delivered via harsh and melodic riffs that keep you hooked to their fast D-beat neo-crust. Elaine’s range of screams contrast perfectly with the guitar melodies making their music an emotionally dense listen. Rastilho delivered one of my favourite records of last year with “Era dos Extremos.” Absolutely unmissable!


Originally formed in 1999 and coming back in 2020 from a six-year hiatus, this three-piece from São Paulo will take you to the furthest corners of your worst nightmares with their cosmic death metal. Their new album, wrapped in unsettling, atmospheric melodies and deep, echoing vocals that draw inspiration from the cosmic terror of H.P. Lovecraft, “Obiasot Dwybat Ptnotum,” has quickly become one of my favorite albums of 2023.


Old school death thrash from the deep south Santa Catarina. Active since 2014 and headed by vocalist Hugo Golon with a power trio live line up, they based their lyrics on classic 70’s and 80’s horror movies. Their 2016 album, “Oãxiac Odèz”, and its catchy riffs will make you headbang involuntarily.

Ratos de Porão

Younger heavy music fans might not be aware of the hardcore punk crossover godfathers. Going strong for over 40 years with no signs of slowing down, they spread their brutal mix of punk and metal riffs while criticizing and satirizing those in power and religious fanatics. Ratos de Porão is, after Sepultura, the most important Brazilian band. 

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