Cinnamon Babe and OTEP Use Nü Metal to Take on “The Man”


Nü metal outfit Cinnamon Babe are calling out the misogynistic bullshit that exists these days with their newly released single, “The Man.” Fronted by sex worker, social media star, actress, and frontwoman Stormi Maya, the band once again addresses the social inequity that exists for women and minorities in today’s society — but she’s not doing it alone. No, this track also features the one and only Otep Shamaya.

Speaking about the new single and collaboration with Otep, Maya said she was ecstatic that she got to work with someone she’s looked up to for a while now.

“Working with OTEP was a dream come true, She is one of my biggest inspirations in music. I have always admired her strong voice and vulnerability in her music. I hope to be as successful as her one day.”

Just as with the band’s previous singles, “Loose” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll is Black,” Maya draws from her personal experince as a woman of color in metal. Sure, she’s someone whose killer looks and exceptional talents have helped her land acting roles while raking it in with her OnlyFans, but that doesn’t give jackasses on the internet the right to make her a target for all their insecurities. Especially since they’d have to admit she’s got the chops.

No stranger to criticism herself, Otep said she was far too familiar with that sort of existence, pointing out the insane hypocrisy that women in any industry, let alone in metal, face every day.

“It’s just spitting facts. If [Stormi] were a man, she’d have more body autonomy: legislatively, culturally, socially – it’s a fact. In this country (and around the world), men have more control over their bodies than women do. And when sexual assault is rampant, they tell women to stay indoors – not the men. When unwanted pregnancy is on the rise, it’s never that men need to get vasectomies, it’s always ‘women need to close their legs.’ Fuck all that.”

We at MetalSucks have always been down to support new nü metal acts, so seeing a woman take the reins and put her own spin on the genre kicks ass.

Cinnamon Babe’s debut album Fatherless will be released on August 25, but you can pre-save it right now.

Cinnamon Babe, Fatherless Track List:

1) Bad Dog
2) Gaslight
3) Loose
4) The Man (with OTEP)
5) Typecast

Cinnamon Babe and OTEP Use Nü Metal to Take on “The Man”
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