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Incantation, Nuclear Power Trio, and Sevendust Added to The MetalSucks Playlist


Man, what a week, eh? Lots of new music came out, lots of wild shit happened, it got insanely fucking hot out here in the states… We’re in the real dog days of summer now, so it’s all about trying to stay cool while listening to some of the most blistering hot metal tracks out there today.

Rather than stick to the regular 20 track playlist we generally give you, I decided to say “fuck it” and expand it to 25 this week, since I couldn’t really find any tracks worth cutting aside from the ones that’d been on here for nearly a month. As a result, we’ve got some great tracks on this week’s playlist.

Included in the Sevendust, Incantation, and Nuclear Power Trio referenced in the headline, we’ve also added new music from KK’s Priest, Dying Wish, Dopelord, and more. Along with the other tracks that were already on the playlist, we’re talking about a pretty good set of songs. Stacked, even.

As always, we’ve updated the playlist on both Spotify and Apple Music, so feel free to hit play below or search for MetalSucks in the app to find the new list. And while you’re at it, feel free to subscribe to our podcast and other playlists if you choose.

All we ask in return is that you remember to also follow/like/subscribe/whatever the playlists so you never miss the new tracks added each week.

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