Sevendust Singer Lajon Witherspoon: “My Voice Has Gotten Stronger As I’ve Gotten Older”


As Sevendust approach their 30th birthday, you would think that singer Lajon Witherspoon would be starting to slow down, or at least noticing the effects of time on his voice. Not only is that not the case but the opposite is apparently true: Witherspoon’s voice is aging like wine. While making an appearance on the Chuck Schute podcast, the singer was asked if he noticed any limitations on his voice due to aging (via Blabbermouth).

“I’ve noticed that my voice has gotten stronger as I’ve gotten older. Just with anything, I feel like — as an athlete, you get in your prime… I don’t know what you necessarily call it, but I definitely feel more conditioned when I go in. And that could be, too, working with other writers and staying on top of the game and being fresh and taking the craft seriously when it’s time to get to work.”

He admitted that while his voice is edited in post-production, it’s not to a degree that majorly distorts what his voice already sounds like.

“No, it ain’t studio magic, man. I keep it real. [Laughs] There’s some little fancy sauce on it, but not too much. [Laughs]”

Last month, guitarist John Connolly talked about the fact that Sevendust won’t continue to tour as intensely as they did when they were starting out.

I think for us, it’s just finding that balance and just being able to spend — I don’t wanna say spend less time on tour, but I think the goal is to spend more time with our families, whether that be at home or on tour or wherever. I mean, a lot of our kids are going off to school. So the family time has to have a big part in all of our lives. When Sevendust started, we didn’t have families, we didn’t have mortgages, we didn’t have kids, we didn’t have any of that stuff, there was no responsibility. So it’s super easy to just go 100 percent and figure out what is Sevendust? We didn’t know what we were when we first started.”

Sevendust’s new album, Truth Killer, is out now.

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