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Premiere: Colony Drop Make War on “(MS-07) The Gouf”


Seattle-based rippers Colony Drop are really, really fun. Pulling from a bunch of styles including crossover thrash, Japanese hardcore, crust, D-beat and heavy fucking metal, the quintet focus on sharp riffs, guitar solos and big hooks; get your atmosphere somewhere else.

“(MS-7) The Gouf,” which we’re premiering exclusively today, begins with a declaration—”War is in session”—before launching straight into a chugging riff and vocalist Joseph Schafer’s conductor-like vocal delivery. The song serves up a heaping helping of groove and a healthy dose of speed, as well as gang vocals, playing to all of their strengths at once. By the time they get to the solo around the 2:30 mark, you’ll be left grinning because the song so clearly distills what’s fun about old-school heavy metal.

Schafer broke the song down for us:

“‘(MS-07) The Gouf’ is the last song on ‘Brace For Impact’ and also normally the last song we play live. Think of it as the ‘boss fight’ of the Colony Drop experience—five minutes of mosh fuel, with maybe our noisiest and nastiest solo break. The song originated when our practices started getting relentlessly fast, and we needed something slower and tougher to break up the set. We built the resulting war machine around a Bolt Thrower groove, so I just had to name it after my favorite mech from the original ‘Mobile Suit: Gundam.’”

It won’t be long before Brace for Impact makes contact with the general populace but you can crank “The Gouf” below. If you like what you hear, it’s available for pre-order via Bandcamp alongside a few other pre-release singles.

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