Megadeth Finally Had a Decent Singer When Matt Heafy Sang “Tornado of Souls”


If there’s one universal criticism that Megadeth‘s gotten since pretty much the band’s inception, it’s been the vocals. Say what you will about Dave Mustaine‘s virtuosity on the fretboard, but his voice is an… acquired taste. So it must have been a brief, yet welcome change when Trivium frontman took the mic in Orange, France (yes that’s a place) to sing “Tornado of Souls.”

As you can hear in the clip below, Heafy unsurprisingly sounds great singing the Rust In Peace classic. It also helps you have an insanely locked in band like Megadeth behind you, but that should go without saying. Does Heafy rely on a teleprompter or printed sheet of paper to get the lyrics right? Sure. But does that matter all that much? Nope.

Honestly, it’s got to be an absolute mind fuck to end up getting to play with a band you grew up listening to. Especially if that band is one of the vaunted “Big Four.”

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