Alex Terrible’s “Doom Slayer” Single is a Shotgun Blast of Energy to Your Skull


It’s no surprise that we fucking love what Mick Gordon did for the Doom video game series back in 2016. His music is hard hitting, metal as fuck, and made dismembering all sorts of demons way more fun. One person that’s obviously a big fan of that soundtrack is Slaughter To Prevail’s Alex Terrible, who just dropped a single for an apparent side project, titled “Doom Slayer.”

According to Terrible, he’d originally tried to collaborate directly with Gordon, but that plan fell through. Rather than let his plans die on the vine, he chose to move forward on his own. The end result is a killer track that feels like it’s sampling some sounds from Doom (2016), but thanks to the addition of Terrible’s vocals, the song takes one an entirely new sound.

Seriously, if you can listen to this entire track without a) headbanging your head clean off your shoulders or b) feeling the urge to punch your preferred deity right in the gonads, then you’re obviously a demon. Don’t worry, the track will dispatch you with the quickness.

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