Even Taylor Swift’s Bassist Thinks Metallica Screwed Jason Newsted, Rips Through “Blackened” Cover


Now, I’m pretty sure I’m not putting words in Amos Heller’s mouth with that headline. I mean, we all know Metallica‘s …And Justice For All should be sent to the Hague for crimes against all bass players for what was done to Jason Newsted‘s part, but that’s a separate issue all together. However, I can only imagine he’d agree with my assumption since he: plays bass professionally, grew up listening to thrash metal, and probably relates to the guy since he plays for an insanely popular act as Taylor Swift‘s designated four (or five) stringer.

Yes, Heller is part of the massive operation that’s been leaving a trail of sobbing Swifties in its wake, scooping up squillions of dollars in ticket sales and merch while also attempting to rearrange TicketMaster’s and Live Nation’s face in the process. And while he’s on stage each night playing pop and country-light tunes for Taylor, he’s actually a massive fucking metalhead, according to the video description.

“I don’t think I would be a musician if it wasn’t for thrash metal and I don’t think I would love thrash if I hadn’t listened to it every day of my freshman year riding to school in my brother’s car with …And Justice For All blazing out of the speakers.”

Armed with his Yamaha BB P34, Heller took to his YouTube page to put a little respect on Newsted’s name by tearing through “Blackened.” As you can see in the video below, it’s a hell of a rendition of the song, though Metallica purists will note one major change in this version — Jason played with a pick, while Heller’s gone commando and is riding the bassline with his fingers a la Cliff Burton style.

So what do ya think? Maybe Taylor’s gotta start writing some thrash hits for the kids.

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