Biohazard’s Billy Graziadei Took a Tumble During the Band’s London Show Last Night


The pit can be a dangerous place. One errant elbow, one misstep and BAM — you’re in a world of hurt. For Biohazard’s Bio Billy (aka Billy Graziadei), his trip back to the stage from the crowd resulted in him on the floor and security rushing to pick him up.

News of the incident, as well as footage, can be found on Twitter after Billy posted an image of himself in a neck brace next to video footage of him playing guitar while people in the crowd prop him up. Now, we’ve seen this maneuver plenty of times, but as you can see in the YouTube video below, things don’t go well when he transitions from the crowd to the security.

As he said in his tweet, that’s when security “dropped me on my head.” Then after he finally gets back to the stage, he stumbles yet again, angrily ripping up the setlist. Even though he’s claiming that he has no memory of the concert, he seems to be in good spirits about the whole thing.

You can check out the multiple angles and videos below. The band still has a number of tour dates lined up still, so here’s hoping security will be able to handle things if Billy decides to do that trick again.

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