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Kid Rock Forgets the Meaning of Hypocrisy By Enjoying a Cold Bud Light


In another example of Kid Rock being a fictional character played by a rich white boy named Robert James Ritchie, the Ted Nugent understudy was seen clutching a Bud Light during last night’s Colt Ford show in Nashville.

You may recall he followed the right wing herd back in April when they all got mad at Anheiser-Busch for sending a single commemorative Bud Light can to trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Like so many others, he hit back at the company by saying he’s going to boycott the brand and then amped things up by shooting poorly at a stack of Bud Light cases on his property.

Yet only months after the fact, there he was on TMZ sucking face with a bright blue can. It should be shocking to find so much hypocrisy on display, but let’s be real. The dude’s a grifter. He jumped on the nu metal train when that was hot. Then he switched gears to country when that got hot. Now he’s got this dime store Q Anon, alt-right jackassery.

And while TMZ said they were unsure what the other beer options were at the venue, a quick look at their website shows they have a full-service bar “featuring 32 beers on tap,” a ton of wine, and all the liquor you’d ever need. So the dude had choices.

Or, if Bud Light was the only option, he could have been a big boy and stuck by his convictions by not drinking anything then.

But Robert Ritchie is a rich grifter and he’s laughing all the way to the bank while riling up people’s fears. He should be ashamed.

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