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Mondo Generator’s Nick Oliveri Lists Punk Songs to Listen to While the World Burns


It doesn’t matter if you’re a dyed in the wool metalhead or a crusty punk, when we’re all screaming from the rooftops against the ills of conformity and willing to fuck some shit up in the process, it’s all the same. As everything seems to be going to shit around us and the moneyed powers make it so none of us can do shit to fix the issue, it seems like the only thing left to do is crank up the tunes and get ripshit with our friends.

Hence why we got Mondo Generator‘s Nick Oliveri (ex-Kyuss/ex-Queens of the Stone Age) to provide a list of his favorite “fuck the system and fuck you” punk songs to blast as everything ends. Armed with a deep knowledge of the punk scene, he dug deep down to share some of his favorite “kill or be killed” punk tracks to blast in the face of authority.

With a new Mondo Generator album titled We Stand Against You coming out on October 13 via Heavy Psych Sounds, he’s got his own nine-track nailbomb of sonic dissent heading your way. So be sure to preorder your copy today and check out the following tracks for your next rager.

Cro-Mags — “World Peace”

I think the album Age of Quarrel is pure FIRE! The band was so tight and furious live. I saw them when I was 14 years old. Life changing. The lyrics are straight to the point and remind the easily brainwashed by mainstream news, lab coats, and politicians that they can not be trusted.

GG Allin and the Murder Junkies — “Terror in America”

I mean, GxGx is the soundtrack to any fight-the-enemy party! The chorus is a singalong, kids: “Sabotage downtown streets/Over throw the government and kill police/Burn the flag for which it stands/Terrorize American land.”

Black Flag — “My War”

You don’t want to see me live/You don’t want me to give/Cuz you’re one of them

Other great Chuck D. lyrics include “I might not know what a friend is, all I know is what your not. You’re one of them” MY WAR!!!!! In my book, they are one of the top five bands of all time. 

Subhumans — “Subvert City”

Another one of my top five bands of all time made the list. This time, we’ve got England’s Subhumans! Dick writes the best lyrics and he’s musically as good and interesting with every record as it gets. This song is off the first full length LP The Day The Country Died.

“Meanwhile back in subvert city someone’s writing on the wall/FUCK THE GOVERNMENT/Spray paint hero”… but the best part of the song is that it’s a masterclass in how to approach writing an anthem! The song begins with a visual of what sounds like a cowboy ready for a shootout and builds and builds.

“It all went quiet in the city/And the wind blew down the road/Someone cried out subvert/And the people all went cold.” I just love it!!! 

Millions of Dead Cops — “Born to Die”

First off, let me say this is one of the best band names ever! Okay, now about the song. Throughout this song, there’s a sing-a-long that hooks you in with a call of: “No War, No KKK, No Fascist USA.”

I always liked these guys and their old label R-Radical Records. I would mail order from them as a kid by sending send cash in the mail and always looked forward to my deliveries. And they always came! Records, stickers, t-shirts… The “Peace/War” compilation 2xLP with bands from around the globe and a 72-page booklet introduced me to so many great bands that I still listen to to this day; including Articles of Faith (Chicago), G.I.S.M. (Japan), BGK (Holland) or Reagan Youth (NYC), just to name a few. 

Poison Idea — “Discontent”

This is a 7” 45 release and a bonus track on arguably best hardcore record of all time, Feel the Darkness. Jerry A. lights the fire and we watch it burn. “We gotta learn to love one another, you are my sister, you are my brother.” “Listen Nazi, NEVER AGAIN.” Pig Champion & Thee Slayer Hippy R.I.P.

Trash Talk — “Plagues… Walking Disease”

Fifteen minutes of pure hardcore greatness. These guys destroy!

Lee Spielman is a badass frontman and with Spencer Pollard writing the tunes, these guys were CRUSHING the competition when they put this one out back in 2008. Lyric highlights: “We light the fires that burn your city to the ground” and “Fuck you, we are the walking disease.” This is my favorite band to see live, they bring it every time! 

Bad Brains’ Entire Self-Titled Album

“Sail on, sail on, sail on”… Three of my top five of all time have made the “kill or be killed” list! Every song on this one is a classic and to think it was recorded on a four-track cassette! No one does it like the Bad Brains did. If you have this tape (you know), nothing else to say! 

Dwarves — “Act Like You Know”

This one’s got Blag Dahlia explaining to the army of rock to “Riot now,” “Let’s have some violence,” and motherfucker “Act like You Know.” There’s no end of world party without the legendary DWARVES.

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