Dave Mustaine Almost Gets Wistful Talking About the Marty Friedman Days


Things have been a little nostalgic for the dudes in Megadeth lately, as they’ve not once, but twice had former axeman Marty Friedman join them on two of the world’s biggest metal stages in recent months. Friedman, who played on some of the most iconic Megadeth (and one particular stinker), is considered by many to be part of a high water mark for the band that also included the late Nick Menza.

So it only makes sense that frontman Dave Mustaine would look back fondly on those recent moments during a recent interview with Metalshop (transcribed by Blabbermouth). When asked how he felt about having Friedman play with the band again, Mustaine naturally didn’t hold back.

“How did I enjoy it? I liked it. It was cool. Marty’s a great player and it was very sentimental.”

For those that don’t remember, Friedman played with Megadeth for the first time in years this past February during the band’s show at the world famous Nippon Budokan arena in Tokyo. Fast forward roughly six months and it happened again during Megadeth’s set at Wacken Open Air.

In the past, Mustaine’s gone on to say that he was proud of the work Friedman did with Megadeth and considered him one of the only members to ever make anything of himself after leaving. Which just had to crush Little Dave.

Looking back at that pair of “reunions” as it were, Mustaine reflected on what exactly makes Friedman so special and such an integral part of Megadeth’s history.

“I don’t know. We just worked together. The two guitar styles worked really well together. I liked… For me… Marty and I had a lot of solos that we did together. So that made a really big difference in our songs, and it kind of set a style for us going forward.”

Having seen the clips from both shows (which you can check out below the interview), it’s such a treat to see Friedman shredding next to Mustaine and Kiko Loureiro. So much insane guitar talent on one stage should be illegal.

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