Everyone's Replaceable



Can I be honest? I have stopped trying to keep track of who the fuck is in Arsis at any given moment. I mean, this band switches members so frequently that sometimes James Malone, the dude who actually started the band and writes all their music, isn’t even in the group.

That being said, drummer Mike Van Dyne has actually been on every Arsis release save for 2008’s We Are the Nightmare, so the fact that he has now left the band for a second time (he originally split in 2007 and then returned in 2009) is, I guess, newsworthy.

I mean, Van Dyne is clearly a talented guy, but it’s not like Nightmare suffered any for his absence. And while I really like Starve for the Devil, the 2010 album which marked Van Dyne’s return, I think it’s probably the weakest Arsis album overall. My point simply being that whomever is the next future ex-drummer for Arsis will probably be just as capable. And if you are really bummed out by this news, well, you can take comfort knowing that there’s a very real chance Van Dyne will be back in Arsis circa 2013.

Van Dyne didn’t get specific about his reasons for leaving the band, stating simply that “it’s time to move forward and pursue my career full-time.” So, I guess drumming isn’t his career. Which makes sense, ’cause there’s no money in being a metal drummer.

Somewhat more interesting: Van Dyne says that “The last fully-completed Arsis song I contributed to was ‘Since The Shadows'” — a new track the band debuted last year. So I guess that means he’s not on the pre-production demo of another new song, “Choking on Sand,” which was released just last month. Hm.


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