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Varg Vikernes’ Neighbor is “in Shock” Over His Arrest


Norwegian news outlet NRK has very kindly published a photograph of the farm where Varg Vikernes was living with his family when he and his wife were arrested earlier this week on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack. In case you were wondering what it looked like.

Photo: Mohammed Alayoubi / NRK
Photo: Mohammed Alayoubi / NRK

They’ve also interviewed one of the Vikernes’ neighbors, a woman named Natalie Langlad, and Jean-Claude Cahuffour, the mayor of Salon-la-Tour, where the farm is located. Here are the highlights:

  • Varg is home schooling the couple’s three children because he has bad memories from his own days at school.
  • Varg’s wife, Marie Chachet, is currently pregnant with their fourth child.
  • The children are being looked after by their (I’m assuming maternal) grandmother while Vikernes and Chachet are in police custody.
  • Vikernes is a “family man” who is “very nice and attentive towards their children.” He doesn’t speak much French, but he smiles a lot.
  • Vikernes often wears military-style clothing, but that didn’t raise any eyebrows in the area since a lot of the locals wear such garb when hunting.
  • Burzum’s music is horrible.

Okay so one of those things may not actually be from the article, but the rest is all true. And not really surprising. Every killer ever’s neighbors have told the media that they seemed like a nice guy. It’s much better than saying “We could smell the bodies coming from his apartment but we were too lazy to call the cops.”

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