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Veil of Maya Study “Subject Zero”


Veil of Maya New Song 10_31_2013If there were a Big Four of Sumeriancore, there’s little doubt that Veil of Maya be would be included*. The band’s new song, “Subject Zero,” is a good reminder of how they attained that status: it sounds like a car trying to sputter to life, which is the sound all the kids love these days. Personally, my favorite parts of the song are the less Meshugary sections, like the soaring, synth-heavy bit that begins around the 2:20 mark, the considerably more At the Gates-esque piece that follows immediately, and the Faith No More/”Epic”-style outro. It makes me think how much I would love to see them continue to expand their sound with other, less djenty influences the way some of their peers have.

Still, there’s no denying that these dudes know how to write a song. They are who they are for a reason.

“Subject Zero” will be released as a digital single on November 11.

*For the record, I think the other three bands would be The Faceless, Periphery, and Born of Osiris.

[via Metal Injection]

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