Danzig’s Streak of Shittiness Continues with “Last Ride”



Danzig’s new new song, “Last Ride,” is every bit as crappy as his last new song, “Devil on Hwy 9,” which was only slightly less crappy than Skeletons, his 2015 covers album. Even if you think it’s a well-written song (which I personally do not believe), it’s hard to get around Danzig’s painfully off-key vocals and production so bad it’s hard to believe it was done by a professional in 2017. MetalSucks will get random band demos in our inbox today that sound better-produced than this. When the Ben Sharps of the world can make something that sounds fantastic in their garage — literally — there’s no excuse for music to sound this ugh. It’s laziness personified.

Listen to “Last Ride” below. Danzig’s new album, Black Laden Crown, comes out on May 26th.

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