Corey Taylor Does Not Appear in This Metallica Performance of “Dyer’s Eve” from 2004 #CoreyTaylor #Metallica #Slipknot #VeryImportant


In our ongoing mission to keep you, the loyal MetalSucks citizenry, apprised of all things Corey Taylor, we now present to you a recently released video of Metallica performing “Dyer’s Eve” in 2004.

Ah, shit, Corey Taylor doesn’t appear in this one, does he? Shit… how will MetalSucks keep the lights on today? Uhh… here’s some footage of Corey Taylor covering “Sanitarium” on acoustic guitar from a few years ago — I hope that satiates your fix!! Not sure why I’m obsessing over Corey here anyway seeing as Metallica are usually excellent harvesters of clicks. Yeah, that was a terrible Metallica pun.

You may recall that Metallica are rolling out a 30th anniversary reissue of … And Justice for All with several super-deluxe, extra-special packaging options available.

We have reached out to Corey Taylor for comment on what he thinks of this video, but we have yet to hear back.

[via Metal Injection]

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