MetroidIt’s my guess that most readers of this site are old enough to remember the classic NES game Metroid. And if you’re like me, you’ll remember that one of the most awesome things about this amazing Nintendo game was the incredible music. Remember no more — thanks to MetroidMetal.com you can now experience not only the original midi music but extremely well done full band instrumental versions of all of the music from the game; in METAL form! I want to emphasize how great of a job this guy (who identifies himself as Stemage) did rerecording all of this stuff; his interpretations are metal to the bone, introducing slightly new arrangements while staying true enough to the original. Next time you’re thinking about Samus, Kraid, or the legendary Mother Brain, be sure to pump some Metroid Metal up in your piece.

“Brinstar” theme music: Brinstar Metroid Metal

Be sure to check out the rest of the game’s music at MetroidMetal.com.


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