Dark New DayAccording to this article on Blabbermouth.net, Dark New Day fans have yet another reason to not hold their breath waiting for a new album and tour. It would seem that Drummer Will Hunt and guitarist Troy McLawhorn are following the trend set by Clint Lowery (who recently joined Korn) and have joined a crappy band I don’t give a shit about, Evanescence. Truth be told, I’m baffled by this. The only reason I can conjure is that DND must really need the money collectively. What’s next, Corey Lowery joining American Head Charge and Brett Hestla joining Cold? Why take the parts of a truly awesome band and curse them to mediocre alt-metal-hell?

When I say mediocre, I’m being kind. Frankly, I’m wounded. DND is an awesome live band, they seem like cool guys, they made a kick ass record and now they are whoring themselves out to dysfunctional pseudo-goth-rock bands. We can only hope this is only for a tour and that they are doing it purely for the Benjamins so they eventually get Dark New Day back on the road. I know the poor sales of 12 Year Silence Probably has something to do with this, so everyone who doesn’t already have it, buy 12 Year Silence and send a message to these guys that the world wants good music, not the recycled crap the bands they’ve joined are putting out. Oh, wait, the world does want the recycled crap those bands are putting out. Maybe if I listen to Machine Head and Devildriver all day I’ll feel a bit better…


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