In the amazing sequence of events that have led from Buckcherry’s latest release 15 being released independently by the band to being picked up by Atlantic and selling 800,000 copies, the band has released yet another video from the album. Though not as racy or elaborate as “Crazy Bitch,” the new video for “Broken Glass” combines live footage from the band at Download Festival 2007 (we are still kicking ourselves for not going this year… what the fuck were we thinking?) with vintage footage of stuff getting blown up. A dandy combination really, and though its been done a million times before by other bands, live footage of Buckcherry is always fun and so is stuff getting blown up… huh huh, huh huh, cool. “Broken Glass” is the last track on 15 but it’s absolutely one of the best, and apparently a favorite of the band’s as it appears to be their set opener (and true to form, Josh Todd wastes NO time taking his shirt off halfway through the song). If only Buckcherry would stop touring with bands like Papa Suck and Hindsuck (Sucker?) then maybe we’d know such things.



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