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dragonforce - ultra beatdownAt least two of you emailed us about the new Dragonforce song “Heroes of our Time,” which was posted on the band’s MySpace page over the weekend. But MetalSucks Maniac Kye summed it up quite nicely:

DragonForce posted their new song “Heroes of Our Time” on myspace the other day. It’s fast and has lots of video game sounding noises…and they talk about warriors and fighting and victory. Hell they probably say something about fire and flames somewhere in there.

And that is precisely how I feel about it. In short, it sounds just like Dragonforce.

I have nothing against Dragonforce per se, but at this point I’m kind of over it; their shtick got old for me in a hurry. I suspect the same is true in a lot of metal circles, but for some reason young hardcore kiddies in white studded belts and sideways hats go apeshit over this band. In any case, their new album Ultra Beatdown drops August 25th on Roadrunner, so if you’re into this band check out the new track. I’ll certainly give it a listen and marvel at their technical proficiency.


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